MWCB 41. CCO of DOPE Magazine, James Zachodni

Unless you're brand new to the cannabis industry you've probably heard of Dope Magazine, they're everywhere doing great things for the plant and planet. But do you know their backstory and how they achieved national brand recognition? Check out this weeks episode as Dope Magazine co-founder James Zachodni shares his journey from flare bartender to running creative for the premier cannabis magazine and event company Dope is today.

Listen in as James breaks down Dope's niche and how focusing on creating excellent content has kept them on the cutting edge of cannabis. Be on the lookout for a series of industry expose's covering everything from the black market to the environmental impact of single-use plastic packaging. 

MWCB 40. Make Them Earn Your Business Card

Attention edibles fans- this week we're joined by Chris Whitener, Executive Director of Magical Butter, an innovative device that makes creating your own edibles incredibly easy. Launched on the heels of legalization in November of 2012, Magical Butter has established itself as an industry leader through customer service, badass branding, and creative content marketing responsible for tens of millions of views.

Listen in as Chris and the Buds break down Magical Butter's success and discuss how to respond to changing customer preferences while navigating regulations with a worldwide following!

MWCB 39. Sanja Ganja // Mickey Taelor

Welcome to our first ever Brunch-cast! This week, My West Coast Buds are joined by Sanja Ganja and Mickey Taelor, a couple of experienced operators with over a decade of experience from Colorado to California, and most recently Oregon. While Sanja and Mickey may not have the name recognition of some of the well known "cannabis influencers" that have taken over Instagram, their cannabis resume puts them in rarafied air. The energy was flowing as Sanja shares her journey from Akron, Ohio to running Sales and Marketing for one of Oregon's premier licensees, Passport Cannabis.

MWCB 38. Take Note // Cannabis is Evolving

Welcome to another episode of My West Coast Buds with Charles McElroy, creator of Goldleaf, a sophisticated way to notate cannabis cultivation, consumption, and effects. Recognizing the lack of physical tools for recording experiences, Charles founded Goldleaf to give fans of pen and paper an outlet from the digital world, thus the Goldleaf journal was born. What started as a simple single strain journal has blossomed into a line of products for all areas of cannabis including edibles and soon CBD. 

Listen in as Joe, Ben, and Charles discuss the world of terpenes, recipes, and education in the cannabis industry. If you live in a state with limited legal cannabis, pay attention to how Charles was able to build a business from a prohibition state by focusing on customer feedback and good old nostalgia. 

CLICK HERE to visit Goldleaf’s website.

MWCB 37. Steve Albarran + Brad Bogus // Confident Cannabis

This week you're treated to a double dose of My West Coast Buds as we chop it up with Steve Albarran and Brad Bogus from Confident Cannabis - a technology platform that facilitates cannabis discovery and trusted distribution. Recognizing that labs were vastly underserved, Confident Cannabis released the first Laboratory Information Management System specific for cannabis and quickly captured market share. Building on this success, Confident Cannabis extended its offerings to Retailers, Processors, and Cultivators by releasing their own product marketplace for their customers to connect, confidently. Listings are automatically populated from their lab results creating the first platform where transparency and accountability take priority over price or THC levels. 

Additionally, Confident Cannabis has released Connect - a web site that illustrates the complex relationships between strains and terpenes. So kick back as Steve and Brad break down how Confident Cannabis is changing the wholesale game while bringing transparency to the forefront of a burgeoning industry.

CLICK HERE to visit Confident Cannabis’s website.
CLICK HERE to check out Confident Cannabis’s Connect app.