MWCB 35. Jim Belushi // The Belushi Way // Belushi’s Farm

Hold onto your headphones buds, this week we had the pleasure of talking pot with Jim Belushi. Yes, Jim Belushi, beloved actor and current cannabis entrepreneur joins the West Coast Buds to discuss life as an Oregon cultivation license holder. Jim takes us through his entry into the industry beginning with obtaining a license, working with the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Control Board, and handling the responsibility of endorsing cannabis on a national scale. We also talk about Jim’s drive to increase access to cannabis and how people who struggle with drug or alcohol dependency can dramatically improve their life with cannabis.

We went a little longer than usual on this one but promise it’s all gold. Jim is an incredibly captivating person and we can’t wait to see how Belushi Farms grows. We also can’t wait to get our hands on some that Captain Jack!

MWCB 34. Alen Nguyen // Mainstem

This week we spend time with Alen Nguyen, the CEO and founder of MainStem, an ancillary cannabis technology company focused on providing products like grow supplies, packaging, and equipment to business operators. We chat about how Alen first conceptualized MainStem, how he’s successfully navigated several rounds of funding, and how buyer behavior is changing as legalization spreads. Alen also breaks down how he built a team full of experienced operators and why he hand picked each key player. With a background in engineering and aeronautical technology, Alen brings a unique perspective to the cannabis industry and hints at ways standard business practices might be creeping their way into the industry.

This episode is a great example of a non-plant touching business that’s carved out a much needed niche. A native Portlander now living in Seattle, Alen is leading MainStem through what could be their last round funding while increasing the company’s footprint state by state, you don’t want to miss this episode!

MainStem Website

MWCB 33. Building Community // The Daily Leaf

We're back with another edition of My West Coast Buds! This week features Stephen Gold from The Daily Leaf- a Portland company focusing on aggregating and sharing the best cannabis deals around. Stephen and Ben break down life as a cannabis entrepreneur and some of the sacrifices that were made in order for The Daily Leaf to survive and become the go-to app for dank discounts. We also get into the keys to establishing a meaningful brand, connecting with customers, and expansion into new markets. 

We also discuss how The Daily Leaf approaches fundraising, cannabis accelerators, and ways partnerships change businesses. If you've ever spent too much time looking for quality cannabis you can check out The Daily Leaf here. 

On this week's Marijuana Money Minute Joe goes deep on the importance of building community within the industry.


MWCB 32. Patent Pending // MJ Arsenal

In this week’s episode, MJ Arsneal’s cofounder Josh Camitta and marketing director Sam Campbell talk about patenting their glass inventions. MJ Arsenal is a company that makes join/blunt bubblers and miniature oil rigs. Their reasons for making smaller rigs are portability and terpene retention.

Joe talks about keeping your nose down and staying focused on the Marijuana Money Minute segment of the show.

MWCB 31. Smashing Stigmas // The Potlandia Experience

This episode features Omar, the developer of Potlandia, a cannabis tour bus in Portland, Oregon. Omar’s vision to allow people to experience cannabis in a relaxed setting while learning about the industry capitalized on a simple fact most people didn’t notice: Portland tourists had nowhere to smoke legally. Smoking in public is illegal and most hotels don’t allow it.

Omar also touches on how he wants to push for a more healing-oriented approach to cannabis and the cannabis industry, as well as move away from a lot of the stigmas that create negative connotations toward the plant.