Episode 25. Street Fighter (1994 Film) Commentary

As a follow up to the Starship Troopers commentary, Ben and Joe tackle another epic 90's film that shot for the stars and reached a no man's land somewhere between a terrible and wonderful film.

Produced in 1994 by Capcom, this film had the pressure of a fairly rushed release date and a fairly small budget for what was supposed to be an action epic (35 million). After a massive chunk of the budget went to Van Damme, Juliá, and Kylie Minogue, what was left had to be turned into an epic telling of the video game. The result? A martial arts movie in which the actors had to be trained hours before their scenes. Listen in as Ben and Joe navigate through this hodgepodge of story ideas and Americanized representations of foreign cultures.

Image via Flickr by BagoGames. Edited by My West Coast Buds.