Episode 2. Big D*#K Confidence

Guest: Amanda Arnold 

EXPLICIT CONTENT WARNING: Fuck stories abound ! You thought you had some good dating stories! Well buckle-up and tune-in to this Tinder-tastic, Bumble-icious episode! My guest is Amanda Arnold, a comedian making a huge splash in the Pacific Northwest comedy scene! She is one of my favorite people and one hell of a comic. We sit down and share some dating and comedy stories and she tells us about the first time she did stand up. Fair warning; I'm a little rustier behind the mic than I thought and Amanda knows just how to tickle my bone, funny bone that is!  You will hear my big dumb laugh early and often in this episode. What can I say? Amanda is legit funny! She is the host of The Dirty Dozen Comedy Showcase at Helium Comedy Club (Next show March 28th, 2018 get your Tickets Here!) Amanda is also currently co-producing a comedy festival in Lincoln City, Oregon April 26th, 27th, and 28th be sure to check out UndertowComedy.Com for more details. Also, LIKE and FOLLOW Amanda Arnold on these direct links to Instagram, Facebook and  Twitter! Thanks Buds for listening!