Episode 1. Running Away and Joining the Pot Circus?

Guest: Sam Johnson

“I am going to run away and join the circus!” and “I am going to quit my job at Nike and grow pot!” Those statements are as similar in spirit as they are dissimilar in execution. When our guest Sam Johnson decided to leave his design gig at Nike and take over the design, promotion, and business-end of a pot startup in Portland, it was a bit of a “runaway and join the circus” moment for him career wise (with less carnies). We talk to Sam about choosing to change his career and jump into the pot world. We discuss what it took to make the change. Last but not least, what his day to day life looks like in his new career. If anyone is interested in getting into the cannabis industry, this is a fun look inside the daily grind of working with cannabis. Check out the fantastic Wy'east Gardens on Instagram check out Sam's Portland Boating Instagram .

Thanks buds for listening. http://www.wyeastog.com/