MWCB 38. Take Note // Cannabis is Evolving

Welcome to another episode of My West Coast Buds with Charles McElroy, creator of Goldleaf, a sophisticated way to notate cannabis cultivation, consumption, and effects. Recognizing the lack of physical tools for recording experiences, Charles founded Goldleaf to give fans of pen and paper an outlet from the digital world, thus the Goldleaf journal was born. What started as a simple single strain journal has blossomed into a line of products for all areas of cannabis including edibles and soon CBD. 

Listen in as Joe, Ben, and Charles discuss the world of terpenes, recipes, and education in the cannabis industry. If you live in a state with limited legal cannabis, pay attention to how Charles was able to build a business from a prohibition state by focusing on customer feedback and good old nostalgia. 

CLICK HERE to visit Goldleaf’s website.