MWCB 37. Steve Albarran + Brad Bogus // Confident Cannabis

This week you're treated to a double dose of My West Coast Buds as we chop it up with Steve Albarran and Brad Bogus from Confident Cannabis - a technology platform that facilitates cannabis discovery and trusted distribution. Recognizing that labs were vastly underserved, Confident Cannabis released the first Laboratory Information Management System specific for cannabis and quickly captured market share. Building on this success, Confident Cannabis extended its offerings to Retailers, Processors, and Cultivators by releasing their own product marketplace for their customers to connect, confidently. Listings are automatically populated from their lab results creating the first platform where transparency and accountability take priority over price or THC levels. 

Additionally, Confident Cannabis has released Connect - a web site that illustrates the complex relationships between strains and terpenes. So kick back as Steve and Brad break down how Confident Cannabis is changing the wholesale game while bringing transparency to the forefront of a burgeoning industry.

CLICK HERE to visit Confident Cannabis’s website.
CLICK HERE to check out Confident Cannabis’s Connect app.