MWCB 35. Jim Belushi // The Belushi Way // Belushi’s Farm

Hold onto your headphones buds, this week we had the pleasure of talking pot with Jim Belushi. Yes, Jim Belushi, beloved actor and current cannabis entrepreneur joins the West Coast Buds to discuss life as an Oregon cultivation license holder. Jim takes us through his entry into the industry beginning with obtaining a license, working with the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Control Board, and handling the responsibility of endorsing cannabis on a national scale. We also talk about Jim’s drive to increase access to cannabis and how people who struggle with drug or alcohol dependency can dramatically improve their life with cannabis.

We went a little longer than usual on this one but promise it’s all gold. Jim is an incredibly captivating person and we can’t wait to see how Belushi Farms grows. We also can’t wait to get our hands on some that Captain Jack!