MWCB 34. Alen Nguyen // Mainstem

This week we spend time with Alen Nguyen, the CEO and founder of MainStem, an ancillary cannabis technology company focused on providing products like grow supplies, packaging, and equipment to business operators. We chat about how Alen first conceptualized MainStem, how he’s successfully navigated several rounds of funding, and how buyer behavior is changing as legalization spreads. Alen also breaks down how he built a team full of experienced operators and why he hand picked each key player. With a background in engineering and aeronautical technology, Alen brings a unique perspective to the cannabis industry and hints at ways standard business practices might be creeping their way into the industry.

This episode is a great example of a non-plant touching business that’s carved out a much needed niche. A native Portlander now living in Seattle, Alen is leading MainStem through what could be their last round funding while increasing the company’s footprint state by state, you don’t want to miss this episode!

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