MWCB 46. CBD: An Honest Discussion

CBD. It's all we've been hearing about for the past year. It's a miracle drug, capable of saving children from horrible seizures. How does it work? Anti-inflammation. What does it fix? Pretty much everything. What you'll find here, though is a frank discussion about the consumer experience when trying to navigate a drug that is brand new and many people know so little about.

MWCB 44. Predictions for Cannabis in 2019

As 2018 draws to a close, the West Coast Buds take time to reflect on all that's changed and what's to come. It was a banner year for cannabis with several states instituting medical cannabis and a few jumping into adult use. So what's coming in 2019?

The Buds predict an increase in cannabis beverage production, the onset of friendly cannabis consumer depictions in TV and Film, the rise of environmentally conscience packaging and more!

MWCB 43. It's a Wonderful Life // Film Commentary

“It’s against the law to commit suicide around here.”

Join the buds as they re-visit their old ways and commentate on the classic film, It's a Wonderful Life. Special guest Tori Hatchadourian helps the buds navigate this timeless piece of cinema, which Joe had never finished before this viewing.

Joe's rough childhood led him to never having a chance to finish the film. Listen to his reaction seeing the ending for the first time and realizing the power of the film, while all three comment on the intentionally and unintentionally hilarious aspects of the film.