Why You Should Go See Live Standup

Filmed comedy does not compare to live comedy, just like filmed music concerts do not to compare to the live shows. During a live performance, you can feel the energy in the room, the energy the comedian uses to fuel their jokes. You get wrapped up in the laughter of the room, enjoying the ride along with everybody else. It is an experience unlike many others.

Comedy gives us a release from the bullshit of everyday life. What kind of detrimental damage are we doing to our psyches by taking every goddamn thing so seriously? When your life’s falling apart, your relationships are crumbling, and you've lost your job, what else are you going to turn to? Drugs? Sex? Yeah, probably. But comedians have already done these things and decided they weren’t enough. That’s why they had to turn to comedy: to even out the despair. Let them do the work for you.

We go through life feeling like we have to act or be a certain way. We can’t say or do certain things because they’re not “acceptable” by society. Do we convince ourselves that these societal standards are our own as well? I’m not sure exactly how far we take it as individuals, but one thing is clear: Nobody on the stage acts normal. If they did, they wouldn’t have gigs.

Image via  Flickr  by  madpropstheatre

Image via Flickr by madpropstheatre

Being silly releases endorphins. I don’t know this for a fact, but I feel like it’s true. Running releases endorphins. Laughing releases endorphins. So if you’re being ridiculous, that probably releases hormones too? For those of you who don’t know what endorphins are, they’re your body’s own little heroin hormones it creates to make you feel good and reduce pain. Like, exactly what you would need if you were overwhelmed.

Comedy is a way to let loose that can make you think. It’s a way to let loose that can also make you feel like a six-year-old when the person on stage talks about farting and you just completely lose it.

Comedy forces you to use your imagination without you even realizing it. It’s almost like somebody making you read without realizing it, but not quite as dark as that.  I haven’t read a book without realizing it before, but I imagine it would be a painful experience.

According to Quora, which is unreliable, there are over 100,000 comedians working today. Why do so many people want to put their livelihood on the line to entertain us? Are they compelled? At the end of their rope? According to the same Quora answer with 9 upvotes, non-famous comedians can often earn up to six figures. Damn, is this common knowledge? Do other non-famous entertainers make similar amounts of money? Some of them probably do.

Either way, they’re doing work. Let’s support them. Especially if it’s somebody we like. Especially if they’re one of the non-famous, non-six figure earning comedians out there. Because who else is going to help launch their career other than their first fans?