The Ubiquitous Flower

The History of...

Marijuana has been around forever. I mean, since ancient times, which this day in age means the same thing. According to, the earliest reference to its use in medicine dates back to at east 500 B.C. Back then, levels of THC were very low, creating a much milder experience than what we’re used to in 2018.

Transition to Modern Times

Now we use marijuana to do anything from de-stress a little after work to blasting off into the outer-realms of existence. Not quite like acid, but almost as if acid had a ceiling on trippy hallucinations, and you just kept getting more paranoid and tired. Basically, cannabis cultivators bred the plant into a super-psychoactive monster. Now most people who avoid smoking pot do so for the same reason: “It makes me paranoid.”

And who can blame them? While I can’t seem to find any specific scientific reasoning behind the reaction, anybody who’s smoked weed a few times knows that feeling. It creeps up from the back of your shoulders and seeps into your mind.

“Is somebody following me?”

“Can they all tell that I’m stoned?”

“Man, I must look like an idiot.”

But for those of us who feel that the more enjoyable parts of the drug are well worth it, we had to deal with the legal implications. So, we all decided not to smoke pot until a few certain states, like Oregon, decided to make recreational pot legal.

JUST KIDDING! We all kept smoking. The only difference was, it was concealed. Now, you walk downtown long enough and you’re bound to see somebody smoking a joint. Though you’ll almost certainly catch a waft from somewhere else long before that.

The Ubiquitous Flower

Weed was and is everywhere. It’s definitely reached an even wider audience now that it’s legal, but as somebody who participated before the recreational boom, I certainly don’t find myself any more involved than I was previously. Less so, in fact. I’m not sure why. I certainly prefer legalization on every level, but that certainly takes away from how “cool” it is. How can an activity be cool if “the man” approves of it?

Public opinion on cannabis has changed dramatically since the market crash of 2008. Approval ratings for legalization have risen consistently without fail over the past 10 years, after barely rising at all in previous decades. We’ve hit a point now where the average non-evangelical Christian approves of legal marijuana. Who’s holding back legalization at this point? Old angry people? Pot heads forgetting to vote? People in power who stand to lose money over the hemp industry? It frankly makes no sense, and the inevitable end to all this is nationwide legalization.

The point is, weed is everywhere. It always has been. It will be for the foreseeable future. It’s a weed. Literally. It’s in the name. Whether it’s weeding it’s way into the soil, or into our minds, it’s not going anywhere for a while. And I, for one, am okay with that.

by Ben Ferguson