One Hire That Will iNcrease Production by 5% Per Year

The green rush is still booming and there is no shortage of companies claiming that their product is the key to your success in the cannabis industry.

“These lights will increase production and lower your power bill.”

“These nutrients are the key to big yields and big flavor.”

“This speaker plays music your plants can hear and increases terpine production!”

By my estimation, about 1 in 4 of the companies claiming to have a product that will “change the industry” actually have something of value.

Yes there are technology changes that will need to be made periodically in order to keep up with the industry. The switch from magnetic to digital ballasts is one that comes to mind. I predict the next one will be the switch to some kind of LED lighting system in your garden.

No matter how new and shiny your system, something new will hit the market within a few months claiming to be better. I watch so many gardens reinvesting in equipment so frequently that they never actually get ahead. Your goal should be to maximize the existing system you have for as long as possible before investing in the next one.

Here’s the big hire that will help you do that… A JANITOR. I know, not sexy news at all. Before you curse me for tricking you into reading a whole 230 words to get to this revelation, how many of you currently employ a janitor? Can you tell me with 100% honesty that your room is as clean as it could be? If you really believe there is not a corner of any place in your grow that could look a little better, then by all means don’t listen and continue counting your mountains of cannabis cash.

Your grow staff will simply not keep the room as clean as it needs to be. Yes, they will try, but after a 12 hour day of replanting or harvesting, it's only human nature to put some things off. The hire of a janitor is not an excuse for your garden staff to stop cleaning; it’s simply a separate support system for your garden. Think of it like the night janitor at an office building. You still don’t leave dishes in the break room sink, but when you come in every morning to a clean office, things just run better.

A janitor is going to cost you less per hour than your grow staff does. The person who signs up to be the janitor more than likely just wants to show up, do their job and leave. There is no ego in a janitor, no claims of being the “best janitor” in the pot industry, no weird artist quirks that come with being a grower, no long winded excuses about how the lunar cycle affecting the potency of the bleach they needed to clean the floors. Just a person who shows up and keeps things looking and running smoothly. If the extra cleanliness stops even one mold or spider mite outbreak, than your janitor has more than paid their salary for the year. On top of that, when compliance inspections come around, I have never heard an inspector claim that a room looked too clean. The first inspection is a visual one. If a room looks orderly upon first glance, you’d be shocked how smoothly the rest of your inspections will go.