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Joe Dimeo

“Life’s a party, and if you disagree, you’re probably someone who doesn’t get invited to parties.” - Joe Dimeo

My expertise lies in real estate and the cannabis industry. I’ve been in real estate most of my working life. I’ve worked in almost every part of the cannabis industry over the last 10 years. From being a farmer, to managing a dispensary, and everything in between. Yes, there will be a lot of cannabis industry specific information peppered into My West Coast Buds. You will definitely pick up some useful advice about the industry. However, in my opinion, a weed specific show is either a lot of dumb-stoner-dab-talk, or a really dry advice style show that is too information dense. Also, my love of weed far exceeds my tolerance for it. You really don’t want to listen to me when I'm too stoned. So I thought about all the industries I have knowledge in. Simple pleasures that I really enjoy. Hobbies and interests that I would like to learn more about. Topics that others might find interesting too, and My West Coast Buds was born!

I do act as a cannabis consultant. Super in depth info is not free, but a quick basic questions are. I will try and get to in a timely manner. Click here to shoot me a message

Joe Dimeo

Hey There! My name is Joe Dimeo. I'm a cannabis and real estate entrepreneur hailing from Portland, Oregon. A friend of mine once asked me “What is it that you actually do for a living?”. This is always an interesting conversation.

It’s difficult to articulate exactly what I do in a short sentence to a person that works a 9-5. Fumbling to explain that it would not be an odd Tuesday for me to spend my morning selling a condo to a hipster.  The afternoon with my sleeves rolled up in a grow room. Grab lunch with a comic. Dinner in a strip club with an investor. Only to close out the evening with a quick open mic. 

I still can't quite figure out how it all fits together myself.  However; its started some very interesting conversations. My West Coast Buds will give you the opportunity to hear these conversations go down with other folks like me. We always have the best times!