About Your Hosts


Joe Dimeo

“Life’s a party, and if you disagree, you’re probably someone who doesn’t get invited to parties.” - Joe Dimeo

Joe Dimeo has been building businesses in the cannabis industry since 2008. His cannabis career started with an edible company where Joe drove sales and distribution. Following a successful expansion, Joe transitioned to dispensary management. During this time, Joe recognized many areas in the cannabis supply chain that could operate better and his passion for process improvement developed by way of best practices and standard operating procedures.

Taking advantage of Colorado’s vertical license structure, Joe acquired knowledge and skill from the areas top cultivators and extractors while building a network featuring the largest operators in multiple states. If there’s a job in cannabis, Joe’s probably worked it, identified inefficiencies, and improved the positions process.

With over 10 years in legal cannabis, Joe’s experience allows him to evaluate markets and organizations from a perspective few can match.

When he’s not on site or online consulting clients, Joe can be found hosting the My West Coast Buds podcast, the number 1 podcast for cannabis business insights and interviews.

Joe acts as a cannabis consultant. Super in depth info is not free, but quick basic questions are. He will try and get to in a timely manner. Click here to shoot him a message.


Ben Ferguson

“Don't worry, I'll just quote myself." -Ben Ferguson

An audio engineer who has dabbled in many areas of the entertainment business, Ben Ferguson has headed such projects as The Forgotten Archetype and Black Bulb Podcast. A lowly employee at Cola Cove dispensary, Ben often spends his nights wondering, "What does it all mean? What is the purpose of all this?" It's a huge bummer. Go meditate or something, man.